Medical Photography Services

Medical Photography

The need for high quality, credible medical photographic records in a modern Health Service has never been greater.

3D Cranial Scanning Service

Our new 3D scanning service uses the 3dMD Head system to capture anatomically accurate and remarkably detailed 3D images.

Medical Art Services

Medical Art

Medical Art, Graphic Design, Scientific Posters, Leaflets, Brochures and Educational and Training Material

Ophthalmic Imaging

Advanced digital imaging technology for the most accurate, precise and timely evaluation of complex eye diseases

Mole Mapping & Dermoscopy Service

We identify the location and condition of moles on the body to spot changes over time and any new moles that may develop.

Clinical Video

Visual information allows the patient to better understand the treatment and outcomes and make a more informed decision

25th Magill Symposium Wednesday 16th November 2016 - This year's symposium included a scientific program on interesting and controversial topics on burns and its multidisciplinary approach and rationale behind it. Click to see our images and videos of the event.

High Quality Medical Photography

High Quality Medical Photography

High quality medical photography is a vital component of modern medical practice. It not only provides the means of documenting a medical condition or the effects of a course of treatment, it is also a useful audit tool and an invaluable protection against legal claims arising from perceived failures of medical or surgical intervention. Photography is widely used in any specialty where the patient’s condition is visible. Hence, our sixteen strong team of highly skilled medical photographers is routinely involved in the production of imagery for dermatology, ophthalmology, dentistry and orthodontics, plastic surgery, ENT surgery and more......

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What Our Clients Say

Fabulous service, unparalleled in quality, very experienced team, extremely professional & skilled; we save lives using good quality images.

Dr Nerys Roberts Consultant Dermatologist

The service is so good because MIUK have taken a pride in the service they deliver and have been responsive to clinicians needs.

Niall Kirkpatrick Consultant Plastic Surgery

Anne's medical understanding combined with great illustrative skill and incredible attention to detail has always impressed me."

Mel Cash Founder-London School of Sports Massage


This is our portfolio of Medical Illustration work which we will update from time to time. Clinical photographs are part of a patient’s case records and we would not publish images without proper consent.

Surgery in Operating Theatre
Pregnancy Book Medical Art

Some of Our Clients

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The Wellcome Trust
Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust