3dMD-SystemOur new and truly revolutionary 3D scanning service uses the 3dMD Head system to capture anatomically accurate & detailed 3D images. Using 5 static modular units of 15 machine vision cameras, we are able to achieve 360-degree full head capture documenting the shape and size of the patient’s craniofacial anatomy.

During acquisition, the system actually records twenty seconds of video at 7.5 frames per second. We can then choose a single frame to process into a 3D image.

The file contains a massive amount of information which precisely describes the shape and size of the head. By using 3dMD’s Vultus software, that information can be analysed to provide accurate and reliable measurements of anatomical features.


The resulting data provide clinicians with the ability to assess the effects of treatments their patients have received. In addition, they can compare pre- and post-treatment appearance in an objective way and plan future treatments.

The system should prove incredibly useful in the assessment and analysis of cases of cranial and facial deformity such as positional plagiocephaly and other synostoses, neurofibromatosis, microcephaly, orthodontic and orbital conditions, cleft lip and lipodystrophy. We are also experimenting with 3D scanning of inanimate objects. 3dMD’s Customer Research Page lists many projects worldwide in which 3dMD systems have been used.

MIUK 3D Scan and Edit at C&W Hospital

MIUK 3dMD Vultus Histogram Tool

Moving 3D

The system’s abilities do not end there however. We are also able to edit and process the entire video acquisition to provide a temporal, or 4D record. This innovative technology provides for the first time the opportunity to objectively study facial movement.

Our 3D Scanning Services are based at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital. If you would like to discuss how 3D and/or 4D scanning could help you please Contact Us

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