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A critical account of the history of medical photography in the UK

Kathy McFall MSc MIMI, Medical Illustration Manager
Gartnavel General Hospital, Glasgow, UK

This thesis is about the fundamental importance of medical illustration to the modern National Health Service as an educational and diagnostic aid to understanding the human condition and the pathology of disease and suffering. It is suggested that the value of medical photography has never been fully appreciated by the institutions and authorities of professional health-care in the United Kingdom, and that the subject has relied on the enthusiasm of dedicated individuals in order to progress. Nevertheless, a critical awareness of the history of the subject suggests that it should be treated as a mature and valuable aspect of modern medicine.

Department of Health DocumentsGood-practice-in-consent-implementation-guide-1

Good practice in consent implementation guide

Mobile phone policy



Institute of Medical illustrators (IMI) Careers in Medical Illustration brochure

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Guide to taking Passport Photographs