MIUK Ophthalmology Service

Ophthalmic imaging is what we do best! We have a team of professional ophthalmic photographers who are experienced in advanced digital imaging technology for the most accurate, precise and timely evaluation of complex eye diseases. We can provide photographers for your specific clinics (including Saturdays) and we have provided cover to one NHS trust customer for almost 20 years.

Fluorescein angiography and ocular coherence tomography are extensively used in the diagnosis and management of common eye conditions and the team complete thousands of these investigations a year. Several of our team are also qualified through the City and Guilds of London Institute to screen and grade the eyes of people with diabetes to the standard expected by the national diabetic eye screening programme.

Many have attended specialist courses around to world to qualify them for specific research projects. We currently have three ophthalmic photographers accredited by international trials (e.g. DARC, Cleopatra, Trend) to produce the crucial photographic documentation required to validate them, and will be training more in the near future.

We also offer Ophthalmic Imaging along with Medical Photography – click to see the dedicated service page

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