From 1938 to 1940, Wynn became deeply involved in exploring alternative processes such as solarization and bas-relief. After graduation from Art Centre, his experimental work was exhibited in one of L.A. County Museum’s early solo photographic exhibitions. During the early 40s, he worked as a commercial photographer and then enlisted in the Army. Released from the military to photograph for the aircraft industry, he was first employed at Lockheed and then headed the photographic department of Connors-Joyce until the end of the war.

Remarried, and with a new daughter, Wynn travelled throughout California from 1945 to 1946, producing and selling postcard pictures while co-owning a commercial photographic business in Santa Maria. He also worked on developing a way to control the line effect of solarization for which he later was awarded two patents. (

Below are some examples done by MIUK photographers using the Percy W. Bullock technique to capture medical instruments in the 60’s.

Travers Retractors and Gwilliam Retractors:

Percy Wynn Bullock Technique 1

Percy Wynn Bullock Technique 2